Playtonic entwickelt Yooka-Laylee selbst für Wii U

Der Entwickler Playtonic hat in einem Interview mit MCV ausgeplaudert, dass die Wii U-Version beim Entwickler selbst entstehen wird. Die Konsolen-Version von PS4 und Xbox One werden hingegen von Team 17 portiert.
Die Begründung dieser Entscheidung findet ihr wie folgt:
Mehr dazu:


Robinson: We naturally have so many backers who opted for Wii U. Because of the size of the team, we couldn't take on all the consoles. You can imagine from a developer stand-point, that porting from PC to PS4 and Xbox One is slightly more straightforward than porting to Wii U.

I also think it feels right playing it on a Nintendo system to some people.

But the other versions will be fantastic as well.

Stevenson: We wanted to make sure that Wii U gets the right attention. There is a lot of nostalgia around Banjo, Banjo heralds from Rare's Nintendo's days, and we are all massive Nintendo fans as well.
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